The Road Still Ahead.

Where everything started.

John Paperback is a Spanish songwriter that explores the roots of American music and their connection to British music, through his songs and lyrics.


After a Young start on music at the age of 16, he created his first personal project with the band "The Paperbacks" recording his first Two studio albums: "Keep It" & "Vintage".

After a few years touring with the band, he decided to go solo, and recorded a new album at his home studio "Dust & Rails". This album was the starting Point for a new band: John Paperback & The Railroad Sinners, which included a brass section and a set of two back singers. With them he Jumped into the studio again to record "Are You Ready?".

On March 2020, and due to lockdown, John starts writting the songs for a new album that he recorded at his home studio, and was released in December 2020. "Now That The Journey is Half Done" is an album that looks back on his life and dreams about future, a very introspective biography presented in a double cd+dvd case. The Dvd presents the first time John Played the album live right after the lockdown.

Nowadays he is just about to finish his 6th album, recorded with his band, "The Railroad Sinners" at Paperland Studios, and co-produced by Silas, from "Producciones Silas-Atenea" in Argentina. 


John Paperback follows the steps of great American musicians and their british counterparts. Influenced  by the sound of  Artists like: Paul Simon, Ryan Adams, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, and many others, his music embraces the roots of the American music he has been listening during all his life.

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